Last week we went a little hog wild piecing together the Spider-Man's 2010 puzzle with pizza speculation that rocked the blogosphere. This week, however, Marvel's gotten straight to business with an image previewing the Fantastic Four's upcoming activities for the year with an image that asks, "Will the Fantastic Four Survive 2010?"

From what I can tell the FF mean business. Reed's armed to the teeth with doodads (one of which has a certain Rom Neutralizer vibe happening), villains from across the four corners of the Marvel universe seem ready to spring into action against the team, and Franklin and his sister Valeria are off doing what kids do - warping reality and rewriting String Theory, respectively. Personally, I think they'll make it. They will survive. They are survivors.

These are just broad assumptions, of course, so I'm sure whatever Jonathan Hickman and Dale Eaglesham have cooked up will give readers plenty to talk about. All I ask is that they keep Ben Grimm orange and craggy.

We all know the Fantastic Four are a resilient bunch, having prevailed over threats both microscopic and cosmic time and again, but that doesn't mean they couldn't stand to brush up on their Destiny's Child "Survivor" lyrics. Especially Franklin. Kid needs to start getting serious.