A while back DC announced plans to revive Jack Kirby's Kamandi: The Last Boy On Earth in January in a form that, to say the least, is a little unique. It's called The Kamandi Challenge, and the idea --- loosely inspired by 1985's DC Challenge and its game of storytelling hot potato --- is that the twelve-issue series will feature a new creative team, randomly paired together from a list of twelve writers and twelve artists for each issue, each picking up the story where the previous team leaves off.

It's an interesting way to mark the 100th anniversary of Kirby's birth in 2017. In advance of New York Comic-Con, DC has revealed a first look at some of the artwork from the series, plus new details of how the creative teams will approach the story.


Kamandi Challenge Page art Dale Eaglesham


As previously announced, the creative teams are:

The first and last issues are double sized, and will feature a prologue by Dan DiDio and Keith Giffen, and an epilogue by Len Wein and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez. Each issue will explore a different piece of Kamandi's world, as laid out by Jack Kirby in the original series. If you haven't seen it, is amazing:


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It's worth noting that each team worked in isolation from the others to form their stories, and you just know everyone was hoping for the Orangutan Surfing Civilization and the Kanga-Rat Murder Society.

In addition to those creators, the first issue will feature a new cover by Bruce Timm, with other cover artists to be announced.


Kamandi Challenge Sketch art Ivan Reis
Kamandi Challenge Sketch art Neal Adams