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DC Unveils June's Batman Family Books [Exclusive]
While DC Rebirth has reinvigorated the entire publishing line, the Batman family of titles have been solid-to-great since Mark Doyle took over as group editor several years ago, and with talent like Tom King, Rafael Albuquerque and Hope Larson helming the books, it's no surprise they're so successful. Ahead of the full release next week, DC has provided us with an exclusive first look at some of June's Batman family titles, highlighting what's to come in the pages of Batman, All-Star Batman, Batgirl and Super Sons.
The Bat And The Cat Have A Chat In 'Batman' #14 [Preview]
DC Rebirth has been all about bringing back what fans love about classic characters, and for recent issues of Batman that includes the palpable tension between Batman and Catwoman as they try to resolve their feelings for each other with their very different lives. After a successful mission in South America, Tom King and Mitch Gerads' Batman #14 features Bruce and Selina having one last night together, and DC has provided us with an exclusive preview.
ComicsAlliance's Best Of 2016: Outstanding Creative Team Of 2016
Our writers and editors have made their picks of the best comics and creators of the past year, and you, the readers of ComicsAlliance, have voted for your favorites. Check out the best writer/artist teams of 2016, including our critics’ picks and the teams you voted the runner up and winner in this category! This is the very best of 2016!
Living On Borrowed Time: Tom King On 'Batman' #12
Batman #12, the fourth part of "I Am Suicide," is a a story about Batman coming to terms with the nature of his identity (and perhaps Catwoman's) as he travels to Santa Prisca to confront Bane and bring back the Psycho-Pirate --- who might be the only person who can save Gotham Girl's life. In captions throughout issue #12, writer Tom King presents us with a painfully honest letter from Batman to Catwoman, while artist Mikel Janin tells a parallel story in the visuals of Batman fighting an entire army to get to Bane. ComicsAlliance sat down with King to talk about the moment when Bruce Wayne's life ended, the true nature of Catwoman (and her fandom), and why Bane has stopped wearing pants.

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