DC Rebirth has been all about bringing back what fans love about classic characters, and for recent issues of Batman that includes the palpable tension between Batman and Catwoman as they try to resolve their feelings for each other with their very different lives.

After a successful mission in South America, Tom King and Mitch GeradsBatman #14 features Bruce and Selina having one last night together, and DC has provided us with an exclusive preview.

The most recent Batman arc, "I Am Bane" featured Catwoman as part of Batman's own personal Suicide Squad as they ventured into Santa Prisca to confront Bane and retrieve the Psycho Pirate. As part of the deal, Catwoman's death penalty for killing over two-hundred people is set to be revoked, but we readers don't yet know the circumstances as to who she killed or what she did it.

This issue also sees regular writer King joined by his Sheriff of Babylon co-creator Mitch Gerads in an issue that marks the artist's DC Universe debut. Together, King and Gerads put together one of the most lauded comics of last year --- it won Best Crime Comic in our own end of year awards --- and the prospect of the pair teaming up for Batman stories is positively tantalizing.

Check out the preview below:


Mitch Gerads / DC Comics


Mitch Gerads / DC Comics (Click to enlarge)


Mitch Gerads / DC Comics


Mitch Gerads / DC Comics


Tim Sale / DC Comics


Here's the full solicitation information:

Written by TOM KING

Variant cover by TIM SALE
Retailers: This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the order form for details.
“I AM SUICIDE” epilogue! Back in Gotham City, Batman and Catwoman confront their past and make a decision about their future that may change their city forever.
On sale JANUARY 4 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T