I'm the kind of person who's already excited about the next Summer Olympics about three and a half years before they happen, but if you need something to get you pumped that goes a little beyond the uniting spirit of international competition and sportsmanship, then we have... anime.

Yes, to promote the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, Facebook's Official Olympic Channel has announced a group of official --- albeit fictional --- ambassadors from some of Japan's most beloved pop-cultural exports, including Sailor Moon, NarutoDragon Ball Z's Goku, Osamu Tezuka's Astro Boy, and more. And yes, they will be on the merch.

Check out the video below!



The presence of Astro Boy isn't actually that surprising, and Sailor Moon and Goku certainly have the kind of massive worldwide popularity that could get attention from fans, but the more recent entries on the list are nice to see as well. For example, Jibanyan, from the video game and anime series Yo-Kai Watch, is certainly a new character, although one with a lot of marketing behind him.

The real question this raises is whether these new ambassadors will have any effect on the actual events of the games of the XXII Olympiad. Sure, the athletes are probably already training in high gravity like Saiyans, but I've got a few suggestions on how to give the sports that additional touch:

  • Moon Tiara Discus
  • Synchronized Transformation Sequence
  • Full-Contact Fish-Man Karate
  • The 4x500 Meter Clone Jutsu Relay
  • Just the regular Biathlon, but the gun comes out of your butt

Seriously though, someone get me one of those hats.


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