If there's one thing that comic book fans love, it's making lists of their favorite characters. For most readers, it's just a simple matter of writing up a list -- and for some of us, it involves hours of soul-searching in order to determine whether the Joker of the KGBeast is truly Batman's greatest foe -- but for artist Ilias Kyriazis, it was the reason for drawing one of the coolest pieces of art you'll see this year.

Kyrazis, the Greek artist probably best known to American audiences for his work for IDW's Ghostbusters and Falling For Lionheart, has drawn up his 30 favorite DC characters in an incredible piece that stretches a company-appropriate 52 inches across!

(Click for the full-size version)

More than anything else, Kyriazis's piece is reminiscent of John Byrne's awesomely memorable covers to the 1985 Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe:

Who knew the Punisher wanted to kneecap Puck?

While Kyriazis's piece might be on a smaller scale, it delivers some truly fantastic interactions between the characters he's drawn. There are a ton of great moments in here, from Lobo doing what is probably the last thing he does before he wakes up in a space hospital to Lois Lane demanding to be moved ahead in the line, the Flash speeding to his rightful place after stopping to get his boots on, and even the Joker playing a deadly prank on Green Arrow:

My personal favorite -- probably because it involves two of the guys I'd put at the top of my list of favorite DC characters -- is Commissioner Gordon nervously attempting to arrest a Darkseid that could not possibly care less. Throw in the fact that it's all capped off with a darn-near-perfect drawing of one of the most underrated characters in DC History in the top spot, and you've got what is unquestionably a ComicsAlliance favorite. The only thing I don't like about it is that it's not being offered as a five-foot print that I can hang up over a bookshelf.

For more of Kyrazis's art, check out his website!

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