A new hero of the future is getting her own one-shot from Valiant Comics this August, courtesy of writer Fred Van Lente and artist Tomás Giorello. War Mother has previously appeared only as a cameo in last summer's Harvey-nominated Book of Death limited series. Readers will learn more about who she is and what she's up to in 4001 A.D.: War Mother, a spin-off of Valiant's current 4001 A.D. event.

Here's what we know: War Mother looks a bit like Imperator Furiosa, but with an undercut and two arms. She has a sentient rifle with an expressive little face on it. She's sent out on scavenging missions by a walled city on the surface of the barren Earth of 4001 A.D. She may or may not be a literal mother --- she definitely interacts with a child or two, but in an unlettered preview it's hard to tell. In this preview, she also encounters a creepy doll-like robot and a pack of mutant mole rat bears.

Valiant promises that War Mother will find her way to a team-up with the other Valiant heroes of the future, and she seems like a promising addition to that group. 4001 A.D.: War Mother is available August 3.


Cover B by Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic
Cover C by Cary Nord



From Valiant's press release:

In the 41st century, much of the planet has been reduced to a barren wasteland. New Japan orbits the Earth as a floating oasis that towers over the ashes of the old world. The survivors of this desolate new age, robbed of the planet’s once-lush natural resources, must endure great hardships to survive. Amidst the devastation, one outpost of scientific knowledge has thrived by adhering to a strict code of isolation. But even the denizens of this walled city must venture out into the wasteland to gather supplies from the remnants of what was. This task is designated to one and one alone: War Mother.
But all is not peaceful, even in New Japan. When the space-faring empire begins jettisoning city-sized sectors to Earth during the onset of a civil war, War Mother is called upon with a new mission: mega-salvage! Armed with a newly born sentient sniper rifle, War Mother is a one-woman army bent on sacking the crash-landed sector’s technology-laden debris for anything of value to her tribe. But, as calm turns to chaos, Sector 8146 will reveal a telling secret about Earth’s true order that will collide War Mother against her community, her code, and her calling…and bring destruction down upon one of humanity’s last surviving outposts of order.