Sure, the show may have fallen off in the latter end of its 20 years on the air, but as someone who has been watching it virtually my entire life, I cannot deny that I love "The Simpsons." Chances are so do you, and your friends, and probably even your mom. Yes, everybody loves the Simpsons, which is why achieving the status of Simpsons uberfan takes a little something special. And by special I mean "socially and emotionally damaged."

Cracked has compiled a list of the 7 Creepiest Simpsons Fan Tributes, and if you know the internet as I do, you will have some sense of the exercise in NSFW this will entail. The list-topper involves fan-made cartoons that they accurately describe as "Lynchian, if [David] Lynch were considerably scarier."

The 7 Creepiest Simpsons Fan Tributes -- powered by

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