Here at ComicsAlliance, we've always been fascinated by the strange world of gender-swapped fan-art, so believe me when I say that we were thrilled when our friends at io9 discovered what they described as "the mother lode" of gender-swapped X-Men fan-art. The treasure trove in question, the DeviantArt gallery of an artist called Timberoo, not only has the inherent weird fun of flipping the Y chromosomes around for Marvel's merry mutants, it's also done as CGI art, adding yet another layer of bizarreness as they edge right into the Uncanny Valley and set up camp.

It might be our new favorite thing. Check out our picks for the best after the cut!

Dr. Nemesis:

You might think that the biggest draw would be a Cyclops or a Wolverine (or even a Gambette), but my favorite hands down is the lady'd up version of the X-Men's resident science curmudgeon, if only because I now realize how much I've always wanted to see Jane Lynch fight Sentinels.


Of all the pieces Timberoo has on display, this is the one that I think is furthest from the mark. I mean, I get that it's meant to be Storm, but to me, that hair doesn't say "weather controlling mutant" as much as it says "sexy 19th century judge."


Along the same lines, Shatterstar here just doesn't seem like Shatterstar without that weird half-buzzcut/half-mullet/half-ponytail/half-topknot hairstyle. And yes, I know that's four halves -- that's just how extreme Shatterstar is. It is, however, nice to see that in the interest of authenticity, Timberoo has made sure that her feet are off-panel.

Emma Frost:



I know it's not exactly the point of the art, but honestly? I think it would make for a way better comic if, instead of a dude that just turned into a big metal dude, Colossus was a dude that turned into a big metal lady. It'd be like the classic 1971 exploitation film Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde, but with more of an opportunity for the Internet to beat Yakov Smirnoff bits even further into the ground.


Hey look, it's a male version of every X-Fan's girlfriend, Kitty Pryde. Or as we like to call that here at ComicsAlliance, "David Wolkin."


Ah yes. The "Reapers." We have dismissed that claim.


I think we were all sort of wondering where David Lee Roth was going to end up after he left Van Halen, but in retrospect, it makes perfect sense that he'd take his unique sound to the next level by becoming the first male singer for Jem and the Holograms.


Despite appearances, this is actually not Rogue. Instead, it's a gender-swapped version of X-Man, meaning that she's an alternate version of an alternate version of a character who was already from an alternate future, who was himself the son of a clone of another character! Comics, Everybody!

For more, including Jean Grey, Blink, and even a fully-pantsed Psylocke, check out Timberoo's gallery on DeviantArt!

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