With the first issue of her new DC Rebirth series launching this week, a new origin series just announced, and the second season of her TV show set to premiere on The CW in a few short weeks, there’s never been a better time to be a fan of DC’s Maid of Might, Supergirl! And with that in mind, we put together this collection of some of the very best fan art from around the internet that the Girl of Steel has inspired.

Between the Comics, Everybody I did about her and the Supergirl Guys recaps, I’d like to think that I’ve established myself as something of a Supergirl aficionado around these parts (at the very least, an enthusiast if not an expert), but even I have had a hard time keeping track of all the various versions and incarnations of the character.

First appearing in 1959 (unless you count the two other Super-Girls that appeared before that, but have nothing to do with the character we now know), Supergirl rocketed onto the scene,in a literal rocket, as a Teen of Steel super-cousin to Superman. How can Superman have a cousin when Krypton exploded? Well, thankfully one city was miraculously saved (for a while) and Argo City just happened to be where young Kara Zor-El lived. For a while Superman kept her existence hidden from the public and used her as a kind of emergency secret weapon, but it didn’t take long until she was revealed to the world and off having her own super-adventures.

The secret identities and costumes have changed, but there’s no denying just how great a character Supergirl is, and this small sampling of the tributes to her artists the world over have created is a testament to that, so check it out, and check out the artists’ sites and have a super day!


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