Hello again and welcome to another episode of Fantastic Five, the show where we tell you the irrefutably correct five answers to a particular topic in comics, and you tell us how wrong we are in the comments! This week we’re looking at the best female Supermen.

When Superman started leaping buildings and out-powering locomotives, the age of superheroes was born! And when you’re responsible for the birth of a new genre of entertainment, it stands to reason that people are going to try to take what works about your formula and do their own thing with it.

Before anyone has a chance to get our intentions twisted, we’re not saying the awesome ladies that make up this list are just rip-offs of Superman… even if some of them kinda started out that way. They're great characters that undeniably fit the Superman mold.

Feel free to let us know what you think or who you think we forgot in the comments, but before you even say anything, I did not forget Power Girl. I love Power Girl just as much as you do; I just didn't include her since she's essentially a variation/alternate version of Supergirl.

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