With the recent release of the reimagined "A Boy and his Blob" on the Nintendo Wii, I found myself reflecting on the original 1989 NES title's horrendous awesome box art.

Although most probably remember the game for its strange premise and relatively innovative gameplay (you feed a blob jellybeans to make it transform into a variety of usable items), what I like best is its old school comic book aesthetic. While most games from the NES generation relied on flashy poster-like art on the front of the box, with screenshots (or the illustrated equivalent) and gameplay description on the back, AB&HB had the gumption to pretty much slap an ad on the cover:

With its comic book-like captions and panels, this mildly suggestive tribute (these strangers in the night seem to be exchanging glances in panel 1) to an overall infuriating game takes gamers back to a simpler time when in-game audio and sound were awful enough for 8-bit titles to rely on sequential art's strengths to help tell a story.

Ah, the good old days.

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