If you fond of Commander Riker from "Star Trek: The Next Generation," it is likely you will enjoy "Number One," a Tumblr devoted exclusively to images of William T. While it looks like it started out as an archive of screenshots, more recently it's been featuring "guest Rikers" from webcomic artists like Kate Beaton ("Hark! A Vagrant!), Jeffrey Rowland ("Overcompensating"), Andrew Hussie ("MS Paint Adventures") and John Campbell ("Pictures of Sad Children") .

There's even rare hand-drawn art from Ryan North of "Dinosaur Comics," and not one but two shoutouts to Lt. Thomas Riker, the Commander Riker doppleganger/clone who was accidentally created in a transporter accident, but sadly, no illustrations yet of Riker and his trombone. (hint hint)

Kate Beaton offers us the familiar tableau of Riker macking on Deanna Troi. Check out the animated version here.

Brandon Bird reminds us that in a Riker vs. Riker battle, Riker always wins.

Ryan North trades clip art for a pencil to portray Riker's later and less lean days in the uniform.

John Campbell suggests an efficient way to both propose to your significant other and give big ups to TNG.

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