This year, I've been more than a little bit obsessed with TinyCo's mobile superhero management game Avengers AcademyIts cute designs and fun scripts have been a bright light of superheroic fun, and its willingness to feature new and niche characters alongside A-list heavyweights has been a highlight of the gameplay experience.

However, since the game's launch, there have been a number of characters fans have been clamoring to get their hands on, and now it seems a number of them are coming all at once, as Marvel and TinyCo have announced the December event will be themed around A-Force, bringing the likes of Captain Marvel, She-Hulk and America Chavez to the campus.

In an interview with writer Allen Warner on, we learn that the event revolves around the arrival of Malekith The Accursed, who will unleash the Casket of Ancient Winters upon Manhattan, bringing with it the first large scale cosmetic change to the campus as the entire Academy will be blanketed with snow. Alongside Malekith will be Dark Elves and Frost Giants for the heroes to fight, but thankfully A-Force is there to provide back-up.

The full list of new characters is Captain Marvel, She-Hulk, America Chavez, Singularity and, leading the team, Thor, AKA Jane Foster. The event also brings back Sif, who first debuted during the Civil War event earlier this year, and gives players the option to play as Loki in her female form, establishing the God of Mischief as genderfluid, just as they are in the comics.

The interview with Warner also drops hints that Angela exists in the Avengers Academy universe, and has been hunting Malekith. It's not unlike the game to introduce unannounced characters midway through events, so could we possibly see the arrival of Asgard's Assassin? The writer also drops very strong hints towards both Ultron and Hawkeye as upcoming additions to the game, so it seems fans of Avengers Academy have a lot to look forward to heading into the new year.


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