You don't need to make a famous character look creepy to paint them in a provocative new way, and Aaron Jasinski's artwork serves as proof. Jasinski switches between symbolic and literal approaches to his thick, full-bodied paintings, which feature everyone from Mulder and Scully to Doctor Doom and the Mario Bros.His works look like the kinds of murals you would see at a high-end, used video game and sci-fi movie store that serves espresso, but in real life you will find them in his deviantART gallery and Tumblr feed. In Jasinki's imagination, Victor von Doom leads a double life, handing out ice cream cones to children.

The Empire and Jedi, meanwhile, settle their problems with break-dancing, which must look pretty nice in person if you consider the mad moves that a master of the Force could pull off. Jasinki's rad paintings are enough to keep us entertained, though, even if we can't see Obi-Wan spin on his head.

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