Fresh from constructing Mega Man toys using Kenner's classic 3.75" tall Star Wars figures, action figure customizer Dan Polydoris is back on the scene with a line honoring the Activision games of the Atari Era using classic G.I. Joe figures. That's right, Polydoris has fashioned the protagonists from Pressure Cooker, Keystone Kapers, Pitfall!, H.E.R.O. and Frostbite into toys from Real American Heroes.

Posted by Polydoris as a birthday present to himself upon turning 33, the custom figures are completed with custom blister packs. Polydoris notes on his site that he took minor liberties with each character's clothing, but otherwise stuck to their Atari pixel color schemes.

Polydoris has even shared his custom recipes for fellow action figure enthusiasts who might wish to commemorate their favorite Activision Atari games with customs of their own. It's not too difficult to track down most of these pieces on auction sites, garage sales or brick and mortar stores, but it'll certainly take some skill to replicate his handiwork.