Cluttered movie posters are the worst. You know the ones we mean-with their crowded headshot clouds and little-to-no semblance of plot-associated content. That's why the world needs more designers like Adam Rabalais to keep concepts simple and easy to recognize. He's gone the minimalist and boiled-down graphic routes with a tons of classic films, including original Star Wars trilogy episodes, Inception and Tron.Rabalais sells prints of these clean, elegant wall-hangings through his Etsy store, where you will find many, many more examples of his work. His Friday the 13th killing-tool collage is most certainly the creepiest of the bunch, while "most scenes represented on a single page" honors seem to go to his Pulp Fiction piece.

Whether you're a movie buff or just enjoy seeing some well-crafted design concepts applied to great theatrical experiences from your youth, you should have a look these alternate posters. Check out a few after the jump and give us a shout with your reactions.

[Via Geek-Art]

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