Thanks to the Netflix television show, Iron Fist is a character that's on a lot of people's minds, but not quite for the reasons Marvel may want. The casting of Finn Jones is regarded by many as an ill-conceived choice that adheres too closely to the comics and leans on tropes of the white savior.

Inspired by Kris Anka's 2015 redesign of the character as an Asian-American hero, some of comics' best artists have offered their own interpretations of this more badass, more culturally relevant, and --- let's be honest --- more downright sexy Danny Rand.



Jen Bartel kicked things off over the weekend with her tribute to Anka's design, and from there things got really exciting as artists including Ron Chan, Meredith McClaren, and even Anka himself shared their own new interpretations of an Asian-American Iron Fist.

Zodiac Starforce's Paulina Ganucheau then took things to another level by re-interpreting the character as a woman, Dani Rand, which really struck a chord with artists and led to even more amazing fan art.



While Netflix's Iron Fist may be the uncomfortable slog many of us feared it to be, these redesigns of the character show that the concept itself isn't broken; it just needs updating. As many have stated, the idea that re-interpreting Iron Fist as an Asian-American man or woman would remove the character's "outsider status" in K'un-Lun is backwards thinking, and these redesigns open up storytelling opportunities regarding the Asian-American experience that just aren't explored in comics or on television.

Check out some more examples of awesome interpretations of an Asian-American Iron Fist below:



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