Your friendly neighborhood Lego Spider-Man, clicking away like only a Lego Spider-Man can. Over the last few years, Lego has been in the Peter Parker business, and the result is a range of figures with surprising depth to their roster --- and some really surprising additions (and exclusions)! As huge Lego fans, ComicsAlliance has been picking and clicking Lego Spider-Man characters since they launched five years ago. And clearly we needed to rank them!

Following a few movie tie-in sets released way back in the glorious days of Maguire, Dunst and Franco, Lego created an official line of Lego Spider-Man figures and sets in 2012 with a set called "Doc Ock Ambush." From there onwards, Lego has released three or four Spidey-themed sets every year, bringing nemeses like Kraven the Hunter and Hobgoblin to Lego form, and adding a range of Spider-Men to the line, including Miles Morales, Amadeus Cho, and Ben Reilly.

As we did with the Lego Batman Movie minifigures last month, we've created an objective and definitive ranking of every Lego Spider-Man minifigure released by the company since 2012. We're pitting Aunt May against Mary Jane; Ben Reilly against Peter Parker, and --- in what is surely the hottest battle of the bunch --- "truck driver" against "S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent."

While we wait for Lego to release a Stilt-Man minifigure and seal up the list forevermore, check out our definitive ranking of every Lego Spider-Man minifig to date!



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