The Lego Batman toy line has been going strong for over a decade now, but with this week's release of the Lego Batman Movie, we've seen a truly unprecedented explosion of merchandise based around the Caped Crusader's blockiest incarnation. And with that many figures, going from the Dark Knight himself all the way down to super obscure deep cuts like the Mime and March Harriet, our course here at ComicsAlliance is clear.

We need to rank them.

So today, we've dug through every single Lego Batman Movie minifig (and eliminated simple variations like "Batman with a slightly different face") to rank them all, worst to best.

Given that there are only a handful of actual sets available now, you'd be surprised just how many actual minifigures there are already available or on the way in upcoming sets. That's not even including whatever secret sets lie ahead throughout the rest of the year. Still, Lego's been busy, and there's a lot of great fan-favorite characters and some truly obscure deep cuts mixed throughout the line. Considering the movie has about a bajillion characters in it though, we'll just have to cross our fingers that characters like Johnny Karaoke, Bookworm and maybe even Jezebel Jet eventually make the cut.

The Lego Batman Movie is out on February 10, and you can find many of the minifigs and tie-in sets on now.


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