The history of superhero comics truly begins with 1938’s Action Comics #1. And the history of superhero movies truly begins with Superman, who starred in the first-ever feature film adapted from a DC Comic in 1951 and then returned to theaters in the movie that revolutionized the way the world looked at these stories, 1978’s Superman.

Today, Marvel is an even bigger presence in Hollywood. But for many years, DC and its library of iconic superheroes — Batman! Robin! Wonder Woman! And to a much lesser extent, Aquaman! — was dominant. With DC movies resurgent thanks to the success of movies like Joker, Birds of Prey, and Wonder Woman 1984, it seemed like a fun time to take stock of every DC Comics film ever made — at least until I started rewatching them for this piece. Then it seemed less fun.

The list below contains 38 feature film. I excluded anything that went straight to home video, and also ruled out anything from DC’s publishing imprints like Vertigo and Wildstorm. (The adaptations of Alan Moore’s comics for DC remain a weird gray area; I included Watchmen because those characters have now crossed over into the main DC Comics Universe, and excluded V For Vendetta because that movie actually starts with the Vertigo logo.) I also restricted myself to feature films, which meant no movie serials. If you do want to read about Spy SmasherHop Harrigan and the rest, I wrote about all but one of them during my History of Comic Book Movies column.

I’ll get around to finishing that some day. In the meantime, here’s my ranking:

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