The Flash

'The Flash' Season 3, Episode 18: 'Abra Kadabra'
This week, the Flash is good, but Abra Kadabra? He's magic. Also, Caitlin goes into surgery, and Joe deals with a moral dilemma. "Abra Kadabra" was directed by Nina Lopez-Corrado, with a story by Andrew Kreisberg, and teleplay by  Brooke Roberts & David Kob.
'Supergirl' Season 2 Episode 17: 'Distant Sun'
This week, Supergirl is back from her cross-dimensional musical adventure, and Mon-El’s guest star parents are still floating above the earth in their big spaceship waiting to ground him. Also, Alex meets one of Maggie’s exes! “Distant Sun” was directed by Kevin Smith fro…
'Flash' Cast and Crew Tease Savitar Identity Reveal
There were only so many ways The Flash could spin Reverse-Flash’s identity, and few choices for the man under Zoom’s mask, so will Savitar prove any different? That’s the buzz from Flash cast and crew, who explain the delayed reveal and promise “You won’t see it co…
WB Wants Another DC Movie to Begin Filming This Year
With the recent creative changes behind the scenes of The Batman, Ben Affleck’s solo film probably won’t begin filming until 2018, which leaves a bit of a gap in Warner Bros.’ superhero schedule. Earlier this week, the studio pushed Aquaman back two months, pitting it against So…

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