Mayhem is one of the coolest indie comics I've ever read. It's feminist, fierce and funny. The colors, the artwork, the characters and the villains --- all of it is so fresh and fun and new. It's the type of book you read and re-read and recommend to everyone.

And chances are, you've never seen it before or even heard of it. But that's because you don't live in Austin, Texas (how dare you!?). See, that's where I was when I discovered this book, in among the indie comics. From the moment I saw the cover I was in.

Unfurling an awesomely detailed world, Mayhem starts out as a tale about underground wrestling and grows to ever more stylized and awesome heights, taking a sort of wrestlers-as-superheroes approach that is equal parts fun and great. It's like Scott Pilgrim if Scott Pilgrim was really girly, about wrestling, and also kinda not at all like Scott Pilgrim.


Miss Mayhem Studios


As soon as I finished the comic, I started telling everyone I knew to read it. There was just one small snag. Unfortunately, unless you live in Austin (or were willing to drive there) it would be a bit hard to grab a copy. Mayhem is by Austin-based artist Cait Zellers, and the copies are sold locally, in shops such as Austin Books & Comics, where I snagged my copy (and a few other new comics; the people who work there are so great).

But, luckily, that has now changed! Wednesday March 29 of 2017, Mayhem officially debuted on Comixology. Everyone is now able to enjoy the frenzy and mayhem of, uh, Mayhem. No longer will I need to charter flights back to Austin to buy copies for friends; not now that the comic is available for the whole world to read digitally!


Miss Mayhem Studios


Mayhem is released as part of Comixology Submit, a program that lets basically anyone submit a comic to be sold through Comixology --- yes, even you could do it! If you're at all interested in getting your comics into the hands of people, and getting them listed alongside books by publishers like DC and Marvel, you should look into Comixology Submit.


Miss Mayhem Studios


But enough for that side-note: check out Mayhem. It is a great comic that feels like an incredibly fresh take on the superhero genre while not being about superheroes at all. If you were a fan of Motor Crush or Slam, you'll dig this book. If you're a fan of wrestling, you'll probably love this book. And if you're a fan of cool, fun, stylized action, then you've gotta check out Mayhem!

As for the awesome artist behind it, you can find out more about her @CaityMayhem or on Tumblr. Make sure to grab a copy of the comic at Comixology and if you have a comic you want to self-publish, check out Comixology Submit.

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