This is the year of Batwoman and not only is she kicking butt twice-monthly in Detective Comics, tomorrow sees the release of Marguerite Bennett, James Tynion IV, Steve Epting and Jeremy Cox's Batwoman #1. If you need to catch up on why Kate Kane is one of the best new --- or re-imagined if you want to be pedantic --- characters of the past 10 years, Comixology has young covered with a massive sale featuring a ton of Batwoman comics.

The highlight of the sale has to be Greg Rucka and JH Williams III's short but incredibly memorable run on Detective Comics which cast Batwoman as a solo lead for the first time and featured some of the most innovative and impressive layouts Williams has ever put to the page. This run also features a three-part story by Rucka and Jock that splits time between Batman and the past and Batwoman in the future; if you have the physical Batwoman: Elegy collection, those issues aren't in there so you definitely should read them

The same also features the entirety of Batwoman's New 52 series, including the controversial run by JH Williams, W. Haden Blackman and Trevor McCarthy which was cut short when the writers clashed with DC editorial over whether or not Kate Kane should get married to her fiance Maggie Sawyer.

Lastly, if you're loading up your basket ahead of Batwoman #1, you absolutely need to check out DC Comics: Bombshells which sees Marguerite Bennett writing a different-but-familiar take on Batwoman and many other heroines of the DC Universe during World War II.


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