The Humble Bundle deals on comics are usually a pretty good way to catch up with older stories that you may have missed out on, but every now and then, there's one that features a brand new title to love --- and right now, the IDW Creator Showcase bundle is offering up a pretty good mix of both.

Not only is it full of old favorites like Locke & Key and 30 Days of Night, it also features the debut issue of Andy Suriano and Matt Chapman's Cosmic Scoundrels --- and friends, that is a comic book that hit shelves last week that can be yours (along with a ton of other great titles) for as little as a buck.


Cosmic Scoundrels, Chapman and Suriano


I've written pretty extensively about how much I love Cosmic Scoundrels before, and while you can (and should) check out the webcomic version to learn all about Love Savage, Roshambo, and Party Steve (RIP), the IDW version also includes a few things that you won't see there, too, and getting to try it out for a buck while you're also supporting the CBLDF and Traveling Stories.

Of course, if you do want some classics, there are plenty of those, too.


Humble Bundle, IDW


Among other things --- including the first volume of Ragnarok by Walt Simonson, which you should absolutely be reading if you like epic thundering action in the tradition of Norse mythology --- the $18 tier includes the three volumes of Darwyn Cooke's adaptations of Donald Westlake's Parker novels. And since Slayground is all about an amusement park rigged up with deathtraps and The Outfit has one of my favorite sequences in comics history, you probably want to get them.

Also, it's interesting to note that this Bundle is currently the only place to check out Ted Adams and Santi Perez's Diablo House, which you can also get an autographed physical copy of at the highest tier.