Today is Black Friday and that means every retailer, both physical and digital is competing for your attention and your money with some of the biggest deals, sales and savings you'll see this year. If it all seems like too much to take in, we've assembled a round-up of some of the best comics sales happening this Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend to get you stocked up on great reads for the holidays.

The biggest sale of the weekend is at Comixology, which is having a massive blow-out of a number of titles. We recommend IDW's Cybertron Weekend sale, in which a number of recent Transformers collections are on special offer, including the excellent Transformers: Windbladeand a few more that are worth checking out.


Mike Del Mundo


Marvel has some major deals this weekend, including a huge sale on recent collections, including Angela: Queen of Hel, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl and VisionMarvel is also running a Secret Wars sale with the main series on sale for the first time, as well as all of its tie-ins, such as Ghost Racers, Siege and Weirdworld.

DC Comics is going all-in on its sale with a huge buy-one-get-one-free deal for any DC or Vertigo comic released before 11/21/16, including a number of recent critically acclaimed DC Rebirth titles. The sale is packed with literally every DC Comic released before this week, so it's worth taking time to peruse the selections and collections before stocking up on some awesome comics. Just make sure to enter the promo code "DC16" at checkout.


Gary Frank


The sales don't end there with Image Comics offering up to 64% off on collections, including popular titles like Saga, Sex Criminals and The Wicked + The Divine. Dark Horse has a 99¢ sale on all single issues, plus reduced price art books, and Dynamite has a line-wide 60% off for all titles released before 11/15/16, with the promo code "DYNAMITE16"

All those sales, and that's just Comixology! Viz Media currently has a week-long sale across all digital platforms, featuring ten of the most popular manga in the world right now, including My Hero Academia, One Punch Man and My Love Story. Archie Comics also has a Cyber Monday sale for Sonic The Hedgehog collections available on its app, as well as a 40% off Black Friday sale on anything from its online store, including the rebooted Archie line.


Fiona Staples


If you are after comics of a more physical nature, both Midtown Comics and Mile High Comics have sales this weekend, but it also might be worth looking up your local comic book store and popping along this weekend to see what they have on offer.