Tank Girl, the anarchic punk protagonist created by Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett, has undergone a renewal in recent years thanks to new comics from Titan with Martin once again at the helm of her adventures. To celebrate over twenty years of the character, Titan is offering a great big stack of digital Tank Girl comics through Humble Bundle, including classic stories and the more modern reinventions.

Readers have the choice of three separate tiers, $1+, $8+ or $15+, but as always with Humble Bundles, the option is there to pay as much or as little as you want for your chosen tier. Among the comics available are Tank Girl: Bad Wind Rising, Everybody Loves Tank Girl, and the first issue of the most recent volume Tank Girl: Gold.

The Tank Girl Humble Bundle is run in conjunction with the charity WaterAid, which works in 37 countries across Africa, Asia, Central America, and the Pacific Region to improve access to clean and safe water. Like with most Humble Bundles, readers are encouraged to pay as much as they want for the various tiers, and can customize how their contribution is split between Titan Comics, Humble, and WaterAid.

The offer is available until February 8, 2017 at 11am PST. Check out the full list of what you can get with each tier below, and head to Humble Bundle to pick a bunch of Tank Girl comics on the cheap!

TIER ONE: Pay $1 or more for…

  • Tank Girl: Carioca #1-6
  • Tank Girl: Bad Wind Rising #1-4

TIER TWO: Pay $8 or more for Tier One and…

  • Everybody Loves Tank Girl #1-3
  • Tank Girl: The Gifting #1-4
  • Tank Girl: Visions of Booga #1-4
  • Tank Girl: The Royal Escape #1-4

TIER THREE: Pay $15 or more for Tiers One, Two and…

  • Tank Girl Classic #1-5
  • 21st Century Tank Girl #1-3
  • Tank Girl: Two Girls One Tank #1
  • Tank Girl: Gold #1

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