Today sees the release of Steve Orlando and Ivan ReisJustice League of America Rebirth #1, which features a number of high-profile characters who you might not necessarily associate with the team coming together under Batman's command. To celebrate the new Justice League, DC and Comixology have a sale on a number of related books, including some of the best hidden gems of the past ten years.

My big recommendation from this sale is Gail Simone's run on All-New Atom, with artists including John Byrne and Mike Norton. The series casts Ryan Choi as the unlikely hero of the increasingly weird Ivy Town, and features one of the best supporting casts in comics. Word to the wise, stop with #20, because the subsequent Rick Remender/Pat Olliffe run does not achieve the same highs.


Annie Wu / DC Comics
Annie Wu / DC Comics


The sale also has some great Black Canary comics, including the most recent twelve issue series by Brenden Fletcher and Annie Wu. Taking Dinah Drake on the road as part of a touring rock band did seem like a bit of an odd departure for the character at the time, but it proved to be the re-invigoration she needed and the series helped fix a lot of the damage done to the character in The New 52.

Elsewhere in the sale, there's some really great comics like The RayVixen: Return of the Lion, and the original volume of The Omega Men. As Steve Orlando's previous works on books like Midnighter and Supergirl have shown us, he's a writer who loves to do deep dives into DC Universe continuity, so this sale will not only give you a bunch of awesome comics, but you'll be able to catch all his references and feel super proud of yourself.


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