Between Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and, I dunno, Vending Machine Tuesday, we're all being assaulted by enough deals to keep us busy well into December, but here's an idea. If you've managed to get any of your holiday shopping done, why not treat yourself to some genuinely amazing comics at a really good price?

This week, Comixology has launched a sale on DC's digital-first line, which means that for half of their usual cover price, you can catch up on rip-roaring retro adventure in books like Bombshells, Wonder Woman '77, and Batman '66, get continuity-free adventures in Adventures of Superman, Sensation Comicsand Legends of the Dark Knight, and --- perhaps most importantly --- finally get the answer to the question of whether Batman could defeat a pro wrestler.


Bat-Manga by Jiro Kuwata


A lot of what's on offer here is stuff that we've been singing the praises of for years here at ComicsAlliance --- like Bombshells and Batman '66 --- so I won't bother giving you the hard sale on those particular titles. We can just go ahead and all take it as a given that if you haven't read those, you really really should. That said, with so much out there that's been dropped down to $6 for the equivalent of a printed paperback collection, there's plenty to choose from.

So assuming you've already got those, here are a few deeper cuts to check out:

  • Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight Vol. 4 features "The Elements of Crime," a brand-new, deathtrap-filled story from Mike W. Barr and Tom Lyle. Barr, of course, is one of the greatest (and arguably most underrated) Batman writers of all time, so if you like stories like "The Player on the Other Side" or "Fear For Sale," you need this one.
  • Sensation Comics Vol. 2 has that Alex de Campi/Neil Googe story that provided the Internet with those cheerful panels of Wonder Woman discussing her costume that you've undoubtedly seen on Tumblr, but also has a story by James Tynion IV and Noelle Stevenson that is absolutely a buried treasure for both creators.
  • Bat-Manga as a whole is literally the best thing ever, but Vol. 2 has the pro wrestler story. You know what to do.

And hey, if you haven't gotten any of your holiday shopping done? Digital comics are pretty great gifts for long-distance friends and relatives.


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