Tabletop roleplaying is alive and well, and possibly more popular than its ever been and for over eight years Pathfinder has provided some of the most exciting, daring and thrilling adventure paths and story routes in recent memory. If you're a huge RPG nut or are seeking an easy way into the hobby, the new Humble Bundle has a veritable treasure trove of sourcebooks, adventure paths and guides to dig into, as well as a whole host of amazing Pathfinder comics.

At the base level available for pay-what-you-want, you can get Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Digital Beginner Box, Pathfinder Core Rulebook and the first two "Iron Gods" Adventure Paths Fires of Creation and Lords of Rust. This tier also unlocks Dynamite's Pathfinder #1-12 and Pathfinder: Goblins #1-5 which feature work by the likes of Jim Zub, Adam Warren, Andrew Huerta and Carlos Gomez.

The next tier of $8 or higher unlocks the Pathfinder Strategy Guide as well as the next three "Iron Gods" Adventure Paths, Pathfinder Player Companion: People of the Stars and a number of bonus playable maps. If you pay over $15, you can get your hands on a heap of comics including Red Sonja, Thun'Da and Lords of the Jungle. This tier also opens up more Adventure Paths, as well as the Campaign Settings, a Scenario Mega-Pack and the Pathfinder Ultimate Campaign.

The final tier of $25 or higher unlocks four special Pathfinder Worldscape Specials sent to you as physical comics, although shipping and handling isn't including in the price. If any of that tickles your fancy as a brand new player or Pathfinder pro, head over to Humble Bundle to grab your loot now.

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