We're marching ever closer to 2017's all-Nazi, all-the-time mega-event Secret Empire but it seems that a good number of the Marvel heroes aren't going to take the HYDRA takeover lying down. The publisher has announced a number of one-shots tying into the event that feature the likes of Mockingbird, Emma Frost and Black Widow forming groups to stand up to Steve Rogers definitely-not-a-Nazi-we-promise regime.

Derek Landy and J. Cassara will put together Black Widow's Secret Empire: Uprising set between the third and fourth issues of the main series, which sees Natasha Romanoff recruiting young heroes including The Falcon, Viv Vision and Ironheart to lead the fight back. According to an interview on CBR, the team consists of younger heroes who have less of an attachment to Steve Rogers, and are less likely to hesitate when faced with Marvel's most iconic hero turned fascist.


RB Silva / Marvel Comics


Meanwhile, Jeremy Whitley and Eric Koda will take a number of heroes into the Savage Land for Secret Empire: Underground which sees Mockingbird leading a team of unlikely Avengers including Ant-Man, Quicksilver and Hercules heading to the hidden land in search of an ally to change the tide. In an interview with ComicBook.com, Whitley spoke about the personal nature of the story for Sam Wilson, who has to contend with no longer being Captain America and what it means to be Sam Wilson.

The most recently announced one-shot, via IGN, is Jim Zub and Ario Anindito's Secret Empire: United which sees the newly villainous Emma Frost leading a team of X-Men inside the mutant controlled nation of New Tian against Rogers' regime. This may point to early developments in the new X-Men titles, as Tian as a concept is from Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic's Ultimatesso it'll be interesting to see how Emma Frost gets from Inhumans vs X-Men to Secret Empire and who make up her team of X-Men.


Ryan Stegman / Marvel Comics