J Cassara

Marvel Heroes Unite Against Steve Rogers' 'Secret Empire'
We're marching ever closer to 2017's all-Nazi, all-the-time mega-event Secret Empire but it seems that a good number of the Marvel heroes aren't going to take the HYDRA takeover lying down. The publisher has announced a number of one-shots tying into the event that feature the likes of Mockingbird, Emma Frost and Black Widow forming groups to stand up to Steve Rogers definitely-not-a-Nazi-we-promise regime.
ICYMI: 'New Avengers' Unveiled The Most Obscure Villain Team
I pride myself on being someone who can pick obscure characters out of crowd shots, but the group of bad guys that recently debuted in the pages of New Avengers may take the cake for the most obscure deep cuts resurrected for the modern age. Assembled by The Maker --- Reed Richards of Earth 1610 --- The New Revengers highlight how gloriously bizarre superhero comics can be, and the team contains two characters that even I have never heard of.