The weekend numbers are in, and Marvel Studio's latest, Doctor Strange, is a hit! It takes the now classic Marvel origin formula and gives it a fresh coat of mystical paint while expanding what we know about the shared universe and offering innovative solutions to world-ending problems.

Comic books outside of the Big Two superhero universes are full of stories about magic, demons and alternate dimensions and we've put together a list of five of the best independent titles for you to try next. Love that? Try this!

  • Umbral

    Antony Johnston & Christopher Mitten

    When shadowy creatures from another dimension infiltrate her world and begin infiltrating by taking the place of the royal family and working their way down, a young thief named Rascal is thrown headlong into a dark and magical conspiracy as they hunt her for an artifact which she just happened to steal. Out of options, Rascal has to team up with a mysterious man named Dalone to save her own skin and get to the bottom of the invasion from another world.

    Christopher Mitten
  • Monstress

    Marjorie Liu & Sana Takeda

    Monstress is somewhat of an alternate history comic set in Asia where a war rages between Arcanics and the Cumea. The former are a race of creatures who can occasionally pass for human, while the latter are witches and sorcerers who enslave and consume the Arcanics to power their magics. While a stunning high-concept fantasy comic, Monstress’ real strength its parallels to our own history and present and its tragically timeless message about dehumanization and subjugation.

    Sana Takeda
  • Wayward

    Jim Zub, Steve Cummings, John Rauch & Tamra Bonvillain

    When a young girl moves to live with her mother in Tokyo, she discovers a connection to a mystical threat hiding below the city’s surface and that she may be one of the only people capable of keeping that evil at bay. As she comes to grips with her new senses, she discovers others like her fighting the good fight, but can she figure out the secret at the heart of everything? Described as Buffy The Vampire Slayer meets Hellboy, Wayward is one of the best young-adult fantasy comics going right now.

    Steve Cummings
  • Infinite Vacation

    Nick Spencer & Christian Ward

    In a world where any alternate dimension is open for you to travel to and trade places with that universe’s version of you, anything is truly possible. However, things start to go pear-shaped when one man discovers that all of the versions of him throughout the multiverse are dying and discovers there’s a dark secret behind the business of interdimensional holidays suggesting that just maybe the universe doesn’t like it when things go for a wander.

    Christian Ward
  • Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl

    Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie & Matthew Wilson

    Decades ago, Emily Aster made a deal to sell away half of her personality to become the person she always wanted to be. However, that half has been lurking underneath the surface and on the other side of the screen and wants to come back. As Emily’s dark half runs wild with her body in the material world, she finds herself stuck in an ever-changing landscape of music videos, hunted by her demons and haunted by her past.

    Jamie McKelvie