Over the past few weeks, HBO's new hit series Westworld has captivated a viewership with its complex tale morality play of gods, men and machines. As great as Westworld is, it's only on for one hour a week, and soon it'll reach the season finale.

If you need more of that good machines-achieving-sentience action, we've selected five of the best robotic comics for you to sample next. Love that? Try this.

  • How To Pass As Human

    Nic Kelman & Pericles Junior

    How To Pass As Human transcends traditional sequential comics storytelling and instead presents itself as a field manual assembled by its protagonist, Android Zero (AKA Zach). Over the course of his guide to assimilation for future androids, he charts the mystery of his own creation while providing an outsider insight into the human condition as he struggles to find his own place within the world

  • Alex + Ada

    Jonathan Luna & Sarah Vaughn

    After a traumatic break-up with his fiance, Alex is gifted a top-of-the-line companion robot named Ada, but uninterested in a partner who cannot think for themselves, Alex disables the inhibitor, granting her sentience. However, such an act is illegal and the pair are forced to go on the run as their relationship develops. Alex + Ada is like Westworld meets Black Mirror as it examines a future that could very well be real, and the complex effects technology has on society.

  • Descender

    Jeff Lemire & Dustin Nguyen

    In the distant future, humanity is expanded to the stars and thanks to the innovations of Dr. Jin Quon, personal robot assistants of all shapes and sizes are a part of everyday life in all forms of industry. Until a mysterious race of leviathan robots destroy a number of key planets and all robots are deactivated. Years later, one robot wakes up, a child companion bot named Tim-21 who holds the secret to the mass slaughter and as such becomes the most wanted entity in the galaxy.

  • D4VE

    Ryan Ferrier & Valentin Ramon

    D4VE was a war hero, but the wars are over and now he has a job that he hates, a wife to disappoint and a son who doesn’t respect him. Obsessed with reliving his past glory and shackled by the monotony of his autonomous life, D4VE catches a break. However, that break comes in the form of an alien race that claims to come in peace and D4VE is the only one that knows they instead have very sinister motives.

  • Pluto

    Naoki Urasawa

    While we can mostly agree that grim and gritty retellings of beloved children’s stories are passe, when they’re doing with the skill and finesse of Pluto, they’re more than welcome. A 21st century re-imagining of Osamu Tezuka's Astro Boy, it casts it as a modern murder mystery featuring the robot detective Gesicht following the trail left by a string of killings, with both humans and robots among the victims.


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