We're currently in the midst of our Fantasy Week, and there's no greater fantasy tale than JRR Tolkein's epic Lord of the Rings trilogy. The series --- which was later adapted by Peter Jackson as one of the most critically acclaimed genre franchises of all time --- helped define Western interpretations of the genre as a whole and even people who don't care for fantasy probably have some positive feelings about Lord of the Rings.

Comic books have a long history with the genre and we've assembled a list of five of the best independent fantasy comics for you to check out if you're a fan of the genre. Love that? Try this!

  • The Autumnlands

    Kurt Busiek & Benjamin Dewey

    The Autumnlands is full-on high fantasy in a Tolkein-esque manner, except all of the character are anthropomorphised animals. Described as Kamandi meets Game of Thrones, The Autumnlands is absolutely for mature readers but it scratches a specific fantasy itch that can be hard to satisfy. A council of wizards attempts to summon a great champion and who they get isn’t quite who they want, but it might be who they need to save their entire world.

  • Ragnarok

    Walt Simonson

    Walt Simonson’s epic run on The Mighty Thor in the late ‘80s has been hailed as one of the greatest runs on a superhero comic of all time, but imagine what he could do with no limits and no restrictions? There’s no need to imagine thanks to this creator owned look at the Twilight of the Gods as Asgard is on the brink, as are the rest of the Nine Worlds in this non-stop, all-out heavy metal onslaught.

  • The Mice Templar

    Bryan JL Glass & Michael Avon Oeming

    The Mice Templar follows a young mouse named Karic who is visited by the gods of old who reveal he may be the key to defeating the tyrannical King Icarus and restoring order to the Fields of Avalon. Karic sets out on a quest to become a better warrior and possibly prove himself to be the reincarnation of his people’s greatest warrior, but to achieve his goal he needs the aid of his fellow templars as they journey across the land.

  • Princeless

    Jeremy Whitely & M Goodwin

    Princess Adrienne was always a bit too stubborn and a bit too challenging compared to your average expectations of a fantasy princess, so when she’s tricked and locked away in a castle to await rescue, she says nuts to that and rescues herself instead. Now on a quest to free her similarly captive sisters, Adrienne travels the world making friends, fighting enemies and proving that you should never let anyone else set your limits for you.

  • Tellos

    Todd DeZago & Mike Wieringo

    In a mystical land ruled by a boy-king named Malesur, a young lad named Jarek searches for answers about his own origin, alongside his bipedal tiger companion Koj. Along the way, the pair encounter new allies in their quest and decide that in order to find the answers they seek, they must take down Malesur despite his seeming obsession with ending Jarek. Although unfinished due to Mike Wieringo’s untimely death, Tellos is still a masterclass in storytelling and one of the most beautiful fantasy comics you’ll find.


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