This year, Image Comics is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and is celebrating the best of its most recent output in a massive Humble Bundle sale. Depending on how much you're willing to spend, you can get a veritable treasure trove of Image Comics, so we've highlight the best of the best to tempt you into partaking.

At the lowest level --- $1 or higher --- you can sample a bunch of recent Image #1s, ten of them in fact. In all honesty, it's worth it just to get your hands on Brandon Graham and Emma Rios' stunning anthology Islands #1, but with titles like Plutona, Surgeon X and the recent release Rockstars, you can't go wrong for a dollar.


Emi Lenox / Image Comics


For $5 or higher, you can get those ten #1s plus ten more of the most acclaimed Image series' right now. My favorite comic published right now is Shutter, so you definitely try that but you can also sample The Black Monday MurdersKill or Be Killed and Demonic at this tier too.

Heading even higher, but still only $10 or more, you can get the first volume of fourteen stone cold classic Image titles, including Bitch Planet, Lazarus and Southern Bastards. What's more is that in under a week's time, you'll get access to even more Vol. 1's as part of this tier. It's a mystery as to what they'll be, but given the level of quality on display in this bundle, you know it'll be good.


Karl Kerschl / Image Comics


At $15 or higher, you can get even more Vol 1s, like Chew and The Fade Out while $20 has larger collections of comics such as Saga and The Wicked + The DivineAt the final tier, you can get a physical print of art from the upcoming Image title Isola, Island of the Dead, signed by Brenden Fletcher and Karl Kerschl.

As of writing, you have just under two weeks to grab all of these deals and then the next year or two to read all the comics you've just bought. Head to Humble Bundle's site for more information and listings for each tier.