Become a vampire, relive the 1990s, and support charity all at the same time! That's the rare opportunity presented by the Vampire: The Masquerade Humble Bundle, in association with White Wolf Publishing. In the past, most of the Humble Bundles we've covered have offered collections of comics, but this one is all roleplaying books (and two pins if you donate enough). Whether you're new to Vampire, or you just need digital copies of the key sourcebooks, or you're like me and you haven't played in 20 years but you're feeling that Thirtysomething Goth nostalgia, this is a pretty amazing deal.

For just a dollar or more, you get digital copies of the revised Vampire: The Masquerade sourcebook, the Guide to the Camarilla (the governing body of mainstream vampire society), plus the revised guides to four of the vampire clans: Toreador (the artsy ones), Nosferatu (the ugly ones), Brujah (the punks), and Ventrue (the aristocrats).

For a mere eight dollars or more, you receive two more central sourcebooks: The Storyteller's Guide (storytellers being the V:TM equivalent of dungeon master), and The Guide to the Sabbat (the really really evil vampires). At that level, you also get five more clan books and The Book of Nod, which is basically an in-universe prop of a vampiric religious text. So at this point we're only spending as little as $8, and getting fourteen digital books, which is more than enough for hours and hours of roleplaying enjoyment.

And for only $15 or more they throw in two more sourcebooks, four more clan guides, plus other stuff yet to be announced. And if you want to donate $33 or more, you get two Vampire: The Masquerade enamel pins. I can't even tell you how many people I know who wore those on the leather jackets in 1996.

This Humble Bundle supports The UN Refugee Agency and the World Wildlife Fund, but you can also choose your own charity for your donation to support.

Sometimes you need a harmless outlet to safely express your darkest impulses. Sometimes you need to escape into the past and let yourself enjoy something you enjoyed as a teenager. And sometimes you just need something fun to do with your friends. In any of these scenarios, White Wolf and Humble Bundle have you covered.


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