June is Pride Month, and in celebration of all things LGBTQ the good folks at Humble Bundle have put together a massive collection of comics and books that you can buy digitally by naming your own price. The collection contains various tiers of support, and like all Humble Bundles you can choose your own charity and even select exactly how your contribution is divided up.

There are a lot of great books in the bundle even at the lowest tier, including Dan Parent’s Kevin Keller: Welcome To Riverdale from Archie Comics, which sees Archie’s first openly gay character take centre stage with his own collection of solo stories. The rise of LGBTQ comics and books with an all-ages focus is increasingly important, and Parent’s Kevin Keller stories are classic Archie fare --- the only major difference to other Archie books is that Kevin is a boy who dates boys rather than girls.

If you choose to pay more than the average amount --- which does fluctuate based on how people spend their money --- you can unlock a whole new tier of content, including Ed Luce’s acclaimed Wuvable Oaf, about an ex-wrestler’s quest for love and happiness in San Francisco and his ongoing romance with the lead singer of a “black metal/queercore/ progressive disco grindcore band.”

Pay as much as $15, and another tier unlocks that includes Smut Peddler curated by C. Spike Trotman, and Gilbert Hernandez's Julio's Day. This tier is worth even if only to get the first volume of Sophie Campbell’s breakout work Wet Moon, which follows the lives of a group of twentysomething college kids as they try to figure out their lives and interpersonal relationships in the backdrop of a small southern town.

If you’re unsure of a specific LGBT charity to donate to, Equality NC has a list of approved charities to help the ongoing fight against the so-called “Bathroom Bill” in North Carolina, or you can search for a charity doing good work in your area.

Humble Bundle’s LGBTQ Bundle runs until May 22nd.

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