Remember last week, when we talked about the Humble Bundle's collection of Pathfinder RPG books? Well, if you picked those up (and you still have another week to get on it if you haven't) and thought "Hey, I really enjoy this fantasy world of dragons and dungeons, not necessarily in that order, but I wish there was a way to experience it without all of this dice-rolling," then folks, we have the deal for you.

As a compliment to the RPG offer, Dynamite, Paizo and Humble Bundle have put together a new bundle full of Pathfinder comics. Fifteen bucks gets you 33 comics (and counting), featuring work from Jim Zub and Pathfinder designer Erik Mona.


Pathfinder Comics, Dynamite


The Pathfinder comics follow the adventures of the "Iconic" characters from the RPG books --- you know, the example characters they use to show you how elves and sorcerers work --- and in addition to the main series, the bundle also includes the Goblins miniseries, about the tiny but bloodthirsty monsters that occupy every first-level dungeon, and a selection of map packs that you can use for your own game.

Here's the full listing of what's on offer, from Dynamite's press release:

The core will give gamers and comics fans access to:

• Pathfinder Vol 1: Dark Waters Rising 1-6
• Pathfinder: Origins 1-2
• Pathfinder: Goblins 1-2
• Pathfinder: City of Secrets 1-2
• Dynamite Exclusive Battle Map Pack #1

For those who pay more than the average price at time of purchase will also unlock all of the above PLUS:

• Pathfinder Vol. 2: The Tooth & Claw 7-12
• Pathfinder: Hollow Mountain #1
• Pathfinder: Origins 3-4
• Pathfinder: Goblins 3-4
• Pathfinder: City of Secrets 3-4
• Pathfinder Special 2013
• Dynamite Exclusive Battle Map Pack #2

$15 or more will get you all of the above PLUS:

• Pathfinder: City of Secrets 5-6
• Pathfinder: Origins 5-6
• Pathfinder: Goblins 5
• Pathfinder: Hollow Mountain 2-3
• Dynamite Exclusive Battle Map Pack #3
• 2 Humble Bundle Exclusive Maps - "Humble Bonus Map: Feast Halls" and "Humble Bonus Map: Infernal Sanctuary"

$26 or more will get you all of the above PLUS:

• A physical box of 4 randomly assorted Pathfinder Battles: Shattered Star prepainted plastic gaming figures perfect for use with the more than 20 tactical battle maps provided with this bundle! (Shipping not included.)


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