The team behind one of the most interesting alt-magical girl visual novels ever, We Know the Devil, are coming back with a follow-up, Heaven Will Be Mine, and we're already excited for what should be one of the coolest games of the year. There's almost no information available about it yet, but we do know from the game's website that it will allow players to joyride a mecha, sext their enemies, and fight the pull of gravity.

Of course, you may not share this joy if you've never played --- nay, perhaps never even heard of We Know the Devil.




We Know the Devil is a small indie game from Date Nighto and Pillow Fight that came out not too long ago (2015), for Steam, web browser, and assorted others. Depending on where you bought it, the game sold for $6.66. How could you not dig this game immediately?

Some of you might be wary, but it's definitely only because you haven't played it yet. We Know the Devil is a small, simple game about friendship, adolescence, and hurt. If you're a human being, relating to this world shouldn't be a an issue, and you may just end up adoring the game.


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The story begins during your last day at Summer Camp; you're Neptune, Venus, and Jupiter --- three kids who are chosen to go to a shack to await the devil. The world is familiar but not quite right. All the characters can wield magic, there are annoying popular kids, the devil is real, God speaks to you through sirens, and the camp counselor is annoying. By stepping just outside reality and peering in, the game manages to be sharply, precisely effective.




It's a visual novel, and for those of you who have never experienced the genre, imagine a "choose your own adventure" book but a video game, and also 1000 times more interesting. The only real choice you have is, in key moments, deciding which of the three characters to pair up... and which one to leave out. Depending on those decisions, there are four different endings --- one true ending, and three that vary in how horrifying they are for each of the characters.




The reason that you should be excited for Heaven Will Be Mine is because WKTD is so affecting. It came out literal years ago, and has stayed with people --- haunting them. The characters, the tone, and the world are so amazingly real, while also managing to be perfectly fantastic. This team coming together to work on a mech game --- where you can sext your enemies! --- is nothing but a good thing.


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