The pop culture power-pop band The Shake Ups have made a name for themselves on the Midwestern convention circuit as The Shake Ups in Ponyville, a My Little Pony-inspired project featuring original songs based on the hit cartoon show. For 2017, the band has announced their new side project; The Shake Ups In Beach City. That’s right, Together Breakfast readers --- they’re going full-on Steven Universe.



The project was announced back in December, but this week the band dropped two songs to entice their fans. While the majority of the new album will be original songs inspired by the show, like “Cheeseburger Backpack” above, The Shake Ups have also released their own take on the Steven Universe theme song.



The great thing about The Shake Ups (whether they’re in Ponyville or Beach City) is that the band is known best for putting on all-ages concerts at various conventions across the Midwest and beyond.

While conventions are fun for nerds, they often fail to include activities appropriate for younger convention-goers. It’s very cool that little kids and their families can have a little space of their own at cons to enjoy some nerdy music, and I’m very excited to see what The Shake Ups will do with Steven Universe.

The Shake-Ups In Beach City will officially debut their album in May at two events in Indianapolis --- a 21+ show at Radio Radio on May 5, and an all-ages show at Hero House Comics on May 6. Fans outside of the Indianapolis area will be able to buy the full album online starting that weekend.

And if you’re a fan of their My Little Pony stuff, don’t worry -- staying close to their roots, the band is also putting out another MLP album later this year.


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