With Fate of the Furious --- the eighth thunderous installment of that most improbable of superhero franchises --- fast (and furiously) (and fatefully) approaching, it’s a good time to appreciate the music video for Furious 7’s “See You Again.”

Capable of reducing the most stoic of souls to tears, this wistful, heartfelt and emotional goodbye to Paul Walker played over the final scenes in Furious 7, bidding goodbye to the star who tragically died during production on the movie. Vin Diesel’s final lines are spoken in character and out, bidding farewell to his friend with a double poignancy, the meaning hitting the audience on two levels at once.

We're looking forward to The Fate of the Furious as much as anyone, but it won’t be quite the same without Paul Walker. But those seven movies are there any time we want to revisit them and remember them, just as they’ll be there for everyone else who worked on these films when the time comes for them too. (Hopefully later rather than sooner, of course.)

None of us are on this road called life forever; we all eventually reach our departure point, our exit ramp, or whatever metaphor fits our journey best. It is the nature of things to end. But an ending, sad as it may be, can only happen when something existed in the first place. We can only mourn that which we will miss, and to be missed, and to be remembered for the joy we brought into the lives of our fellow travelers on the highway of life, is the greatest of honors.


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