Gabriel Hardman is a writer and artist you might know from Invisible Republic, Kinski and Planet of the Apes, but you might not know that he's also an accomplished storyboard artist, having worked on InceptionSuperman Returns and most recently, Logan.

Over at his Twitter account, Hardman has been posting several of his Logan storyboards from pivotal scenes in the movie, and not only do they look gorgeous, but they also show how important a talented storyboard artist is in establishing a film's visuals.

Logan is already being hailed as a triumph of mature and nuanced storytelling within the confines of a superhero movie, and while it is also incredibly violent, that violence always means something. It could have been all too easy for Logan to disappear into its own wanton bloodlust --- much like the character himself --- but every frame of violence in this film is intended to have an impact, and that's evident in many of Hardman's storyboards.



Hardman actually posted the first few boards from the film way back in October last year, two days before the first trailer for the film debuted. His more recent uploads are somewhat more spoiler-y, as we see Logan cut through enemies with the kind of violence only an R-rating allows, and an extended sequence posted to Hardman's Tumblr focuses on the climactic run through the forest.

Hardman plans on posting more storyboards from Logan in the coming days, so if you're fascinated by one of the most underrated and underappreciated aspects of cinema, check out his Twitter for more updates.



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