Venerable nerdcore rapper Adam WarRock is back with another of his trademark comic book tracks, this time inspired by the trials and tribulations of Tony Stark aka Iron Man. Titled "Stark Industries," the song and accompanying music video begin WarRock's latest donation drive to raise money to tour, create new music and basically do all the decadent and glamorous things one associates with writing songs about superheroes.

Adam WarRock's donation scheme is exceedingly simple: donate any amount at all via PayPal and you receive a bunch of cool stuff. Among the rewards:

- Speech Recognition, an exclusive mixtape featuring 12 new songs and artwork by Chew co-creator Rob Guillory (seen above)

- Exclusive access to a live concert video (preview clip below)

- A digital comics package featuring material from Oni Press, MonkeyBrain, Atomic Robo,
Michael Kupperman, Nedroid, Gunshow, Sam Humphries, Mike Norton, LOLDWELL by Caldwell Tanner,
-Nedroid, and Agreeable Comics

ComicsAlliance is debuting "Stark Industries," but Adam WarRock has been busy premiering other new tracks all over the place. Click here for a list of links to some of the new shiz.

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