Every year, nerdcore rapper Adam WarRock runs a donation drive where he offers a lot of different music and other perks in exchange for money to allow him to keep making music. Since most of his music is offered online for free, WarRock explains that this is the best way for him to stay in business. This year, as part of his donation drive, WarRock has released a remix of his song "The Quiet (Sex Criminals)," which you can hear below.

The song is remixed by producer Mikal kHill, who's made a remix album of some of WarRock's biggest hits as a reward for all donors. Check it out here:



If you're interested, you can check out the original recording of the song too. 

WarRock talked to ComicsAlliance about why he does the donation drive, saying:

Once a year, I do a week-long Donation Drive to raise money to keep the site running. Every year I release close to a hundred free tracks to the Internet, as well as numerous mixtapes and musical projects. My YouTube Ads are never monetized. I don't do kickstarters. I don't have a donate button on my site. The Donation Drive is how I have the ability to pay for hosting, travel for shows, make merchandise and just generally keep the lights on. Hopefully you'll consider making a donation and supporting free web content.

If you donate, you get a rewards package including two albums worth of music and a Boom Studios comic sampler by donating any amount here.

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