Chip Zdarsky, best known for his humor on comics like Jughead and Howard the Duck, is getting a shot at one of comics' most beloved wisecrackers this summer alongside artist Adam Kubert.

Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man, is a new ongoing series by Zdarsky and Kubert launching in June after a Free Comic Book Day lead-in story. While the flagship Amazing Spider-Man title focuses on Peter's globetrotting adventures, the new Peter Parker title will take the action back to Peter's New York-based status quo, while staying within the same continuity. Seeing a more humorous writer take on Spider-Man will be a lot of fun, since the character lends himself to funnier stories than have been the norm in recent years.

Talking to Entertainment Weekly, Zdarsky described his take on the character and how his two identities interact:

Spider-Man is kind of like when you’re a kid and you go to camp or a new school, and you think, “I can be a new person here,” but you invariably end up with the same problems because you’re still, you know, the same person. Peter can be having a crummy time of things, put on his Spider-Man outfit and feel like he can do anything. But inevitably his “Parker luck” spoils things, even as Spider-Man. And part of the fun of the character is seeing how he gets out of the holes he digs for himself. There are still periods where one is doing better than the other and I’ve always loved that aspect of secret identities. Peter could get a new job, a new girlfriend, but Spider-Man is accused of a crime and is public enemy number one. That’s the fun of Spider-Man, you’re playing with the outside perception of two characters.


Free Comic Book Day takes place at comic stores around the world on Saturday May 6. Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man launches in June.


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