Even though Adult Swim's cut down on its anime of late, comedy (and action figure) fans can still count on a heaping helping of "Robot Chicken" for at least the next two years. Variety reports that Cartoon Network has ordered 2 more seasons of the series, meaning 40 more episodes are on the way to round out six full seasons in total.

Creators/writers/voice actors Seth Green and Matthew Senreich will continue to churn out the stop-motion action figure comedy series in addition to their duties on "Titan Maximum." Somewhere along the way, they'll likely sleep as well.

The show's late night success is an indicator that there are quite a few folks who would rather watch spoofs of their favorite cartoon/comic book/video game/film franchises than old dudes talking to celebrities. It's also an indicator that there are a lot of sickos who share my childish sense of humor.

Whatever the case, I'm hoping for many more comic book references through 2012.

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