We’ve seen Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken take on DC superheroes a multiverse of times, including three separate specials, but The CW has finally earned itself a place as well. A new clip from Sunday’s outing sees both Arrow and The Flash going stop-motion for Robot Chicken, as well as a host of other sexy CW series.

This past Sunday saw the eighth season of Robot Chicken putting heroes of The CW in their sights, as “The Nerd” (Seth Green) finds himself suited up as Arsenal in Starling City (he only mentions Seasons 1, 2 and 3, so cool your jets, purists) alongside the Arrow. Tragically, neither stars of The Flash or Arrow put in their voices, though the references and designs are all pretty on-point.

In addition to preying on The CW’s DC heroes, the sketch also takes on the now-defunct Beauty and the Beast (if he can really so be called), as well as America’s Next Top Model, and even Jane the Virgin. Grant Gustin himself got a kick out of the sketch, but you can watch for yourself above, and stay tuned for new Arrow and Flash next week.


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