For years, the character of Marceline has been one of the coolest characters in both the Adventure Time TV show and the Boom Studio comics. A rocker vampire queen, Marceline started off as a don’t-give-a-crud antagonist in the show, but quickly became a friend to the Adventure Time heroes. Marceline also has a on-again, off-again “friendship” with Princess Bubblegum --- the queer subtext is strong with this one, even if it has to remain implicit in the TV show.

Hanna K, a storyboard artist on the animated series, is both writing and illustrating the Halloween-themed Adventure Time 2015 SpOooktacular, on sale this coming Wednesday 28 October, and she's taking the opportunity to look a little deeper into Marceline’s mysterious past.

Check out the exclusive preview below!



Here's the official solicitation from Boom! Studios:


Adventure Time 2015 SpOooktacular #1
KaBOOM!, an imprint of BOOM! Studios
Author: Hanna K.
Artist: Hanna K.
Cover Artists:

Main Cover: Chrystin Garland

Incentive Cover: Emily Partridge

Price: $4.99
What’s to Love: There’s no better way to celebrate Halloween than with a self-contained story about Marceline the Vampire Queen! What’s even better is that this one-shot is written and illustrated by Hanna K., a storyboard artist for the Adventure Time animated series!
What It Is: If you’ve ever wondered what Marceline was like before she became a vampire, here’s your chance to find out! In this oversized, self-contained tale, we learn all about Marceline’s backstory and uncover how she became the Vampire Queen she is today!


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