You may be familiar with Card Wars, the seemingly incomprehensible card game from the runaway success and merchandising juggernaut that is Cartoon Network's Adventure TimeSeveral years ago, Cryptozoic Entertainment created and released a real life version of the game, and this year they're back with an all-new edition focused on team-based play called Adventure Time Card Wars Doubles Tournament.

Based on the episode “Daddy-Daughter Card Wars”, players can team-up to play two-on-two games of Card Wars, either as Jake and Charlie's “Team Dignified,” or as Grand Prix and Moniker’s “After School Program.” Adventure Time Card Wars Doubles Tournament changes the game in new and interesting ways by opening up the board to eight lanes and introducing new elements and strategies to master.



The new incarnation of the game expands gameplay with new types of cards exclusive to the Doubles Tournament. Teamwork Cards can be used by both players on a team at the same time, while Teammate Cards are used by one player and then passed to their teammate to use at their own discretion. Both teams start with forty shared hit points and the goal of the game is to reduce that number to zero.

Adventure Time Card Wars Doubles Tournament decks can also be supplemented with cards from previous Card Wars booster packs The new incarnation of the game will be launching with a collector's box that comes with 160 Game Cards, 16 Landscape Tiles, four Hero Cards, lots of Hit Point and Frozen Tokens, and a rulebook



Adventure Time Card Wars Doubles Tournament is released tomorrow, August 31 2016, and is available for pre-order now.